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West Arm Restaurant News: Revised Hours/Menus

We hope everyone had a safe and happy holidays, and enjoyed their Christmas and New Years celebrations. We took some very needed time off, and were able to catch up on some well-earned rest and relaxation.

This break also gave us the opportunity to analyze and discuss the #Restaurant operations, in order to determine what modifications to make to help ensure our continued survival during these trying off-season times. While the #COVID-19 lockdown did not impact us directly (we had already planned to close for the holidays for the same period of time), it does have a ripple effect throughout the industry, even out here in St. Charles. We have come to realize there is only so much we can expect of the local, permanent population in our surrounding area to support us in the off-season. Here are our core findings:

- Saturday Breakfast was almost completely unattended since our grand opening, meaning we have been losing a lot of money just opening up for those hours

- Sunday Breakfast, even with extended hours at the request of some church-goers, was almost completely unattended as well, with a notable exception (you folks know who you are, and we are grateful!); the cost of opening far outweighed any income

- Monday Dinner was also far too sparsely attended to avoid going into the red

- We needed to come up with a weekend menu option for the snowmobile community, that will be passing very close to the Lodge

With the lockdown currently in place, and with the above information in mind, we have decided to delay our holiday re-opening until we have more information from the government, and time to work on our new Sunday Lunch menu. Please watch our social media for any additional information once we have it.

Once we do reopen (either #takeout only, or full service, depending on the COVID situation), we will have the following revised hours:

Friday 4pm - 8pm (full Dinner menu)

Saturday 4pm - 8pm (full Dinner menu)

Sunday 11am - 4pm (new Lunch menu including our Handhelds)

The new Sunday Lunch Menu is still mostly TBD, but we're working on a special #comfortfood menu of delicious and simple winter favs, including some of #chefmatt 's new soup creations, and... Well, you'll have to wait for the rest. We promise to make sure you'll love the new menu items, designed specifically for the snowmobiling crowd and our local supporters.

More information soon, so please watch our Facebook page and this blog to get the news as soon as we publish it!

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