Does the cottage come with towels and bedding?

We provide hand and tea towels for your use. Please bring your own bath/shower/beach towels, as we do not provide them (or laundry services).

We do provide cleaned and sanitized sheets and blankets for your use. However, due to health and sanitary regulations, we do not provide any pillows. Please bring your own pillows for use during your stay.

Do you provide toilet paper, soap and/or any toiletries?

Although we do provide hand soap in the bathrooms and dish soap in the kitchen, we do not provide any bath/shower soap. Please bring your own personal soap and toiletries. We do supply toilet paper, and if you run out, please head to the Main Lodge during business hours for more. Please use toilet paper sparingly, as the health of our entire septic system can be affected by overuse.

Do I need to bring my own food and/or condiments, etc.?

We do not supply food, condiments, salt/pepper, etc. Please bring your own supplies for the duration of your stay. During the Summer season, our Restaurant is open Thursdays through Sundays; 11:30am-2pm for Lunch and 4:30pm-8pm for dinner. You can order online up to 36-hours before, and room service is available if requested.

What equipment/utensils are provided in the kitchen?

Each of our cottage kitchens are fully equipped with a fridge, stove/oven, microwave, coffee maker, kettle and cupboards. We supply cleaned and saitized utensils, plates, mugs, etc., as well as several pots and pans for use during your stay.

What is your COVID cancellation policy?

For the moment, if a reservation from a Canadian resident is made that falls during any lockdown or stay-at-home period, it will be refused and/or refunded. If a reservation is made far in advance, and the stay suddenly falls within a lockdown, the deposit will be credited towards a future stay, or refunded, as it is obviously out of control of the Guest when this happens. **IMPORTANT FOR U.S. AND INTERNATIONAL GUESTS**: At this time, we do not recommend making reservations if you are from the U.S.A. or any international county of origin. If a reservation is made, you will be contacted with an offer to cancel for a refund of any deposit. If you refuse that initial offer to refund, and the border is still not open at the time of your reserved dates, no refund will be offered, but instead a credit for the deposit amount will be held for a future stay (within the following year). For any Guests coming from the U.S. or international origins in the immediate future, even after the border is open, we will be requiring a valid and official proof of immunization (an example is pictured) for the COVID-19 virus upon check-in, or your stay will be refused. For any other situations, our regular Policies are in effect:

Is the tap water safe to drink?

Absolutely! We have a state-of-the-art filtration system, including a multi-step reducing micron tank system, and UV sterilization. The water is drawn fresh from our beautiful lake, and then undegoes over 6 steps and frequent testing to ensure cleanliness.

Is Wi-Fi available?

We do provide free wi-fi in certain areas of the resort. Most cottages fall within coverage, although the further away from the main Lodge and Welcome Centre your device is, the weaker the signal will be.

Wi-fi is provided for light duty communications only, such as checking your email, etc. Becuase of the poor internet plans available in our rural area, bandwidth is extremely limited, and cannot support streaming (Netflix, Crave, YouTube, etc.), video calling (Facetime, Skype, etc.), or other bandwidth-intensive activities. If a device is found to be using too much bandwidth, it may be blocked from using the wi-fi completely, to free up capability for other Guests. Please use the wi-fi sparingly, and with fair use in mind.