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West Arm is blessed with an abundance of weed beds where Muskie, Northern Pike, Small and Large Mouth Bass, Walleye, Perch and pan fish thrive. As our Guest we can supply you with everything you need for a successful fishing excursion.

Before you venture out, we'll give you a detailed map of our West Arm habitat. We can't sell Fishing Licenses, at the Lodge, but you can obtain them easily online.  For more information, please refer to the FAQ below.

Whether you are an experienced angler or a beginner, we can cover every fishing need right here at the Lodge. When you return, our screened-in fish cleaning facility stands ready at the water’s edge. And should you land that trophy lunker, we’ll wrap and freeze it for the trip home.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a Fishing License?

Please be aware that we do not, and cannot, issue Fishing Licences here at the Lodge. The easiest way to get them is online. You can get the Ontario Outdoors Card with the Fishing License add-on online at , or at any Service Ontario location. This applies to residents of Ontario as well as non-residents. We are in fishing zone 11 and every cottage has a copy of the fishing regulations.

Do I need a Boating License?

We always recommend having your Boating License, as safetly on the water is of paramount importance to enjoying our beautiful lake. However, as long as you are renting a boat from us, you do not need a Boating License. We will provide you with a temporary one, valid for the length of your boat rental. No fees, just a little bit of paperwork. That paperwork must remain with you at all times when on the boat.

Do you rent any other fishing equipment?

Yes we do! We rent fish finders and trolling motors. If you would like to rent some of these helpful utility items, we recommend reserving them when you book your stay with us, as quantities are very limited.

Do you provide Life Jackets and other safety equipment?

We provide Life Jackets for adults in regual sizes - Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. If you bring children with you, we kindly ask you to bring their own life jackets yourself. If you need an XXL, or larger, please bring your own. Each boat is equipped with a standard Boat Safety Kit, which includes items such as emergency rope, flashlight, whistle, and bailer, as well as a paddle.

Do you know of any great Fishing Guides in the area?

Should the experience of a fishing guide interest you, we can refer you to several great local guides. All are very skilled and experienced anglers, and have guided many of our guests in past seasons very successfully! Should you be interested in booking one of them, we will gladly provide their contact information to you. We kindly ask you to make arrangements and payments directly with the guide; they are not directly or indirectly affiliated with the West Arm Lodge. If you would like to have a fishing guide for a day, we strongly recommend requesting this well in advance as they are all very busy in the summer!

Are there any life guards on the lake or swimming area?

There are no life guards on duty in our swimming area, or anywhere on the lake. The West Arm Lodge and Restaurant is not responsible for anyone swimming/diving/jumping into the lake at any time. Parents and guardians are remided that children are their sole responsibility, and require direct supervision at all times.

Do you have any fishing tips?

One of our Guests, Marty, was kind enough to provide some great tips: "The fishing here is great, you can use any wide variety of baits and still catch fish, but if you really want to target any specific species, heres some details to get you guys started, For Walleye, your best bet is to use live bait with any type of presentations, some simple, but very effective techniques are jigging with a plain jig and minnow, slowly trolling with worm/live bait. Harness with a split shot to get it down to the bottom, and on occasion
when they're hot, you can use small crank baits and twitch baits and cast along weed edges and structure, med. heavy spinning rod spooled with fluorocarbon rated from 8 to 12 lbs. or fluorocarbon leaders rated 8 to 15 pounds on braided line rated 20 lbs. and up is your best choice, Pike and Bass will also be caught using these techniques.
For Bass, you can use any types of plastics, like worms on a drop shop rig, frogs with a single wide gap hook, rigged tubes, even plastic crayfish on a skirted jig works well. Mostly found in lilypads, weeds, fallen timber and under docks. Mostly caught by casting; a medium spinning or casting rod with any type of line is good, but again best with braided line and a fluorocarbon leader; braid should be rated 20lbs and up and fluorocarbon from 8lbs to 15lbs. Reason for the high rating is to get the fish out of structure and to help if Pike are nearby.
The Pike here or plentiful and can be caught in a big variety of ways, including the ones already mentioned above for Walleye and Bass, as well as spinnerbaits, in-line spinners and spoons, but a very effective technique is casting larger jerk baits and twitch baits in any given situation along any shoreline or weed bed. Your best bet with these fish is a med. heavy or heavy casting rod with braided line rated from 30lbs and up, with any type of steel leader between 6 to 12 inches also rated from 30 lbs. and up, as you might encounter big Pike or Muskies in the area. You'll have a blast here on the West Arm!"