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Restaurant Updates + Expanded Pizza Availability!

Some updates, some changes and a couple of big menu announcements ahead.

New Hours

In case some of you missed the info in our last Blog, we have now transitioned into our Fall/Winter hours. As always, please feel free to send us a note, or comment on our Facebook page if you would like to see extended hours; if we get enough requests, we will certainly consider trying them out again to see if opening up more is viable during the off-season, which it was not last year.

This means that the Restaurant is now open for dine-in and takeout dinners on the following days:

Fridays 4:30pm - 8pm

Saturdays 4:30pm - 8pm

The last reservation time available for a table is 7pm, and for #takeout orders, 6:45pm is the last slot you can choose. Reservations can be made anytime in advance HERE, and takeout orders can be placed up to 36 hours before your desired pick up time HERE. And as always, you can view our menu at any time right HERE.

Pizza Availability Expanded to Saturdays!

As we are now open less often, and things are generally quieter for us during the off-season, we're expanding the availability of Chef Matt's famous #pizzas to Saturdays. Everything is in flux, of course, until we get a handle on demand, etc. But for now, we're pleased to announce that in addition to pizzas being on both nights, the entire menu will now be on both nights as well.

This means that Fridays are no longer just pizza, pasta and salad, but the whole menu. The number of pizzas will be limited to make sure we can have enough for both evenings, so we still recommend that you order your pizza(s) ahead of time, and mention in the Order Notes that you have a dine-in reservation that you would like them for. Already several of our happy patrons that have come to dine have applauded the fact that they can now order a pizza and get something else from the remainder of the menu at the same time.

Vaccination Requirements

Effective this Weds., Sept. 22, 2021, all patrons entering the Restaurant to dine-in are required to show proof of double vaccination, plus a valid piece of identification to verify the vaccinations. According to the government, valid identification includes: Birth Certificate, Citizenship Card, Driver's License, Gov. Issued ID including Health Card, Indian Status Card, Passport, Perm. Resident Card. This is mandated by the Ontario Government, and more information can be found HERE.

Proof of double vaccination is not required to enter the Restaurant door to pick up your takeout orders; however masks are required to enter the building and move about for both dine-in and takeout customers. There is no exception to this policy under any circumstances. In light of what we have seen some other restaurants go through, we would like to be clear: we will not tolerate any aggressive behavior or confrontational interactions regarding this policy at all.

We always have a great time serving our patrons and Guests, and need that positive word of mouth to spread. So if you truly have enjoyed a meal or two here, please tell your friends, neighbours and family about us - local support is so important for businesses these days. It's been an amazing summer, and we look forward to seeing many of you throughout the autumn and winter months. Stay tuned for more information on our Snowmobiling Plans, as well as Winter Getaway Plans, including most meals!

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