Summer 2021 Update and Indoor Dining Room Reopening!

Fun Summer Days and Gorgeous Summer Nights

With the summer season in full swing, we have had several fully-booked weekends, and are about to have several more. This is our busy season, and although it is tiring and hectic, we relish the opportunity to welcome back old friends and to make some great new ones.

It is always very satisfying for us to be able to walk the property and see our Guests having a wonderful time, playing soccer or badminton, throwing the ball around, jumping into the water, laughing, boating, fishing, etc. Especially after a long, lonely winter. It truly makes all of our hard work worth it, and keeps us going.

We've begun the process of updating cottages one by one, and returning Guests may notice some of these changes; from fresh paint to new furniture and appliances, etc. We're taking the slow-and-steady approach to bringing the cottages into a more modern era, while making sure they maintain the rustic nature that all of our returning Guests have grown to love over the 8+ decades that the Lodge has been hosting friends and families.

The COVID guidelines for Lodges like ours, although slowly being relaxed, mean far more stringent cleaning and sanitizing procedures that we have decided will be continued in our cottages permanently to benefit all of our present and future Guests.

We hope that everyone is having a very safe and enjoyable summer, are taking advantage of the vaccinations being offered, and are looking forward to at least a partial return to 'normalcy' as much as we are!

Indoor Dining is Returning to the Lodge!

We're pleased to announce the reopening of our indoor #dining room. It has been many months of #takeout only, but the time has finally come for us to see many of you face-to-face again, as well as meet a whole bunch (hopefully) of new folks.

We'll be tweaking hours, availability and capacity over the coming months, as we try to establish our operations and adapt them to demand, etc. It's very difficult to judge those things right now, as the times haven't exactly been normal. Trial and error is the key, so please bear with us as we attempt to make the Restaurant suit the needs of as many of you as possible. One crucial thing that won't change, however, is the quality, uniqueness and deliciousness (is that a word?) of Chef Matt's menu: that's a guarantee!

Currently, the plan is to be open (starting tomorrow, Saturday, July 17, 2021) for dine-in reservations Thursday through Sunday; 11:30am-1pm for Lunch, and 4:30pm-7pm for Dinner. Again, this is subject to change as we assess the viability and popularity of our operations. As we operate our Restaurant staffed, at the moment, with just our family, and due to current health and safety guidelines, several important points have to be made:

  • Seating is very limited, and the same social distancing guidelines that have been in place since near the beginning of the pandemic are to be maintained; meaning that although party size is no longer limited to 6 people, any party must be self-contained and keep a minimum 2 meters from the next table/party. This limits the number of reservations we can accept at any given time, and that number can vary widely based on the party size of each reservation.