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Restaurant Re-Opens for Takeout this Friday!

We're pleased to announce that the #WestArmRestaurant will be re-opening for #takeout this Friday, January 22. Due to the COVID lockdown and stay-at-home orders, we have made the decision to keep things simple:

Friday Dinner Menu - 4pm to 8pm

Saturday Dinner Menu - 4pm to 8pm

Although we do plan to have a lunch menu on Sundays for snowmobilers and locals alike, we will not be proceeding with that until all of the lockdowns end, and we have more information about what the future holds in that regard.

We will have all of our usual Handhelds, Salads and Pizzas available (except for the Pastas menu), including all of your favourites, like the Canadian Lovers Pizza, #chefmattwhite 's famous Brisket Burger, etc. And don't forget to pick up a drink or two, from our great selection of domestic and import beers, as well as the amazing offerings from the locally-produced #stackbrewery. Please remember that for the moment, all orders are takeout only. Once the Online Ordering system comes back online on Thursday, you can place your order up to 24-hours in advance to ensure you get your choice of our limited-quantity menu.

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