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Power Outage - Again!

We can't believe we have to write this, but once again Hydro One has completely let us down. Our power went out 5 minutes before we were supposed to be open tonight, and is not scheduled to be back on until 7:15.

This is beyond frustrating, and very embarrassing. We don't have any answers as to why this keeps happening to us. All we can say is that we apologize for these inconveniences. We are new to the area, and truly hope this isn't a common occurrence out here.

Check here for more updates. And once again we're very sorry for this.

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Annette Paquette
Annette Paquette
Nov 10, 2020

sorry folks the power does go out quite often windy days are usually the culprit as trees falling on power lines a back up generator is strongly recommended mind you hydro one are usually on the job within a few hours but a generator can pay for itself in one or two outages


Joyce Duchesne
Joyce Duchesne
Oct 31, 2020

Oh boy, that sounds terrible...have you considered getting a generator? By the sounds of things it certainly appears you need to. Good Luck guys!😀😇

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