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Our First Few Days Running The West Arm Lodge

We're thrilled to finally go live with our site, and this blog. We've been dreaming of operating a cottage resort for more years than we can to talk about, but it's all finally come true. It's been a long road for sure, and no easy path. But we're pleased to offer our cozy, rustic and tidy vacation rental cabins to the public. Our eleven two-bedroom cottages and one five-bedroom offer a unique getaway in these stressful times. Want to simply kick back and enjoy the scenery? No problem. Perhaps hike into the surrounding Crown Lands and check out the trees and nature? Again, no problem. How about some of the best fishing Ontario has to offer? We've got it all right here at the Lodge.

As the summer season continues, you may see some of the gradual improvements we plan to make. The cottages are as clean and charming as always, but will slowly be updated with new decor and more modern amenities, as well as more efficient LED lighting, etc.

We are taking a slow but steady approach to this to make sure we don't overextend ourselves (or our budget), and ensure that the experience our guests love is not at all affected.

The West Arm Restaurant will undergo a nearly complete transformation under Chef Matt, who has designed a wonderful new menu for guests to enjoy. More on that in an upcoming blog.

Perhaps most exciting is our plan to open both the Lodge and Restaurant in the winter - a time where traditionally many close for the cold months. We're going to welcome ice anglers and the OFSC snowmobile community to our winterized cottages and for a nice warm cup of coffee or hot cocoa. Again, many more details in an upcoming blog.

So keep your eyes peeled as we roll out the changes. We're going to be increasing our social media presence, online advertising and communications with our guests and site members. More to come, very soon!

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