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Water Issues - Restaurant Closed Friday

Due to some heating equipment failure, our water system completely froze during this cold snap. Because of this, we have been unable to open up the restaurant for #chefmattwhite to perform any prep, nor are we legally allowed to open without a fresh water supply. #Reservations, #takeout and dine-in will not be available this Friday, Dec. 18, 2020. Fixes are underway, and we are hoping to have water restored over the weekend. At this point it is difficult to say whether we will be open on Saturday, but keep an eye on our Blog and Facebook page for updates.

To those who had reservations, we apologize profusely. We will be contacting you individually to make sure you are informed ASAP, and to give you first opportunity to re-book when we have a better idea of repair times.

See you all soon!

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18 дек. 2020 г.

Bummer!…I’m sure there is a learning curve with staying open all Winter and you guys are handling it well! It will get Better and Better as these things pop up! Hang in there!

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