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Spring Update and COVID Statement

Hello everyone! If you've been following our Facebook page at all, you've already seen that we're hard at work on the grounds, lodge and facility maintenance. It takes a lot of work to whip things into shape, and fix some urgent issues, not to mention slowly updating the cottages year by year. Thankfully we have great friends that are always willing to lend a hand! We are grateful to all that have come to our aid in these tense times.

We wanted to provide a quick update regarding the pandemic and our opening dates Hopefully this will provide some clarification around vacations at the Lodge this coming season.

As with many businesses greatly impacted by the pandemic, we always put the safety of our Guests and staff first. We have used our contacts with industry groups, local, provincial and federal resources as our guides to how we run the Lodge during this current phase of the pandemic. It is only with the guidance of these groups, and the current laws, that we can safely welcome people to once again enjoy a getaway here at the Lodge.

As of this point, we are allowed, and plan to, open the cottages on the May long weekend, AFTER the current stay-at-home order ends. Guests who have booked will be able to check in on Friday, May 21, 2021. In the meantime, all of our maintenance, sanitizing and preparation for the season has to be undertaken, or we won't be ready. Sadly, at this point, we will not be welcoming our American or international Guests, as there is currently zero indication the borders will safely open for the next few months at least.

We truly believe that as a Cottage Fishing Resort/Lodge, we are in the very unique position of being able to offer a getaway that is truly safe and self-contained. Think about it: what safer vacation can one have than completely distanced and separate cottages and boats, fully sanitized with special procedures between stays? We offer what is most likely the best way to safely holiday during all of this. As always, we will be monitoring the situation, and following all guidelines to ensure that we are providing the safest and most enjoyable experience for our Guests that we can, and will post any changes to our status here and on our webpage.

Restaurant Update

We've had many of you asking when/how the restaurant will be open, and in what form. We're not 100% sure if we will be allowed to have indoor dining by opening weekend. So to be honest, we're still in the planning phase for the Restaurant. We have no idea what our volume will be, how much student help we need to hire, etc.

For sure, we will be open for #takeout on some days/evenings, just not sure which yet. So bear with is as we play a little, "wait and see". We don't want to make any missteps at this point in the pandemic, and our operating year.

As mentioned above, we plan to post any changes to our status here and on our webpage. So keep an eye out to stay in the loop.

To recap, we look very much forward to being able to welcome everyone to the Lodge again, once things are safe, more folks get immunized, and the numbers start to fall. Not to mention, once the law and guidelines allow. We miss all of you, particularly our international Guests, many of whom we were looking forward to meeting for the first time. Soon, friends. Soon.

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