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The Lodge.


Fishing vacationing – and so much more

Nestled on the banks of  WestArm’s wooded lake edge are 12 white cottages casting their reflections on a private enclave in a mirror-smooth bay. Situated on a gently sloping shoreline you’ll find yourself in  park-like surroundings and any feelings of stress will be replaced by feelings of peace and tranquillity. Well-tended lawns, cobblestone, attractive perennial gardens and loads of shady trees complete the overall impression of the lodge.

For a few days, a week, two weeks or more it’s the ideal escape from today’s  hectic world.  A hideaway or the start of an adventurous trip? - Take your pick. For families as well as for romance-seeking couples.

Go fishing and enjoy the water!

Explore Mashkinonje Provincial Park on a hike!

Experience a peaceful bike-ride through the forests and fields in the area, 

Drive and putt at three nearby Golf courses.

Let your children have their own fun in the horse camp.

Spoil yourself with the cuisine of our new restaurant.

And there is something else you can do in our lodge: nothing.

The WestArm Lodge and Restaurant is proud to host generations of families who have chosen to make it their vacation experience for decades. This tradition is our commitment to you.


Main building with restaurant.

Waterfront cottages and docks.