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Jumping from Black Rock - a must for all young guests. And also for some older ones...


Go for a hike or just for a stroll.

An early morning visitor.


Year round there’s so much to see and do at The WestArm Lodge and Restaurant. Here are just some of the most important:


  • Vast possibilities for family-fun with great swimming opportunities right at the lodge and of course real challenges for anglers.

  • Romantic break-aways for couples in our cosy cottages in Springtime, when the fall colours enchant or for an unforgettable Christmas in the snow

  • Special treats for hunters in our 540 km2  large bear hunting area.

Check out what's to do and when:



Let's take care of our environment. It's the only one we've got! In all our activities we strive to interfere with nature as little as possible.


  • we slowly but permanently are raising the lodges standard of energy efficiency and ecological compatibility.

  • we want to encourage everybody to take care of the environment and adapt their activities to the beautiful nature that surrounds the lodge.

  • we ask our guests to keep in mind that it is the beauty of this wonderful piece of land that makes them return again and again to our lodge.

Thank you very much!